Środek gaśniczy IBLOCK Fire
Środek gaśniczy IBLOCK Fire

Your extinguisher, fully biodegradable.
Already on the market!



  • It prevents the spread of fire.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • The product reusable.
  • Throw of up to 8 meters.

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Środek gaśniczy IBLOCK Fire

Środek gaśniczy IBLOCK Fire

Your extinguisher, fully biodegradable.
Already on the market!



  • It prevents the spread of fire.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • The product reusable.
  • Throw of up to 8 meters.

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  • WARM UP SESSION 2018 LWÓW 04-10.

    To kolejny kierunek dystrybucji iBlockFIRE. Dziękujemy Organizatorom i Dystrybutorom za wspaniałą oprawę podczas prelekcji i całej konferencji.

  • Udział w targach MSPO Kielce

    04-07.09.2018 uczestniczyliśmy w targach, które miały ogromne znaczenie, ponieważ wypadały w rocznicę 100-lecia Odzyskania Niepodległości 1918-2018. iBlockFire cieszył się ogromnym zainteresowaniem. Dziękujemy wszystkim za odwiedzenie naszego stanowiska.

  • Nowy ambasador marki iBlockFIRE; lipiec 2018

    iBlockFIRE zyskał nowego ambasadora - jest nim Marek Dworzecki -  instruktor nauki jazdy oraz instruktor doskonalenia techniki jazdy ze stażem ponad 45 000 godzin, wykładowca, autor prezentacji multimedialnych dotyczących techniki jazdy, pasjonat psychologii transportu i mentor, członek Polskiego Stowarzyszenia Instruktorów Techniki Jazdy. Bardzo cieszymy się, że nasz produkt promowany jest w branży w której tak często dochodzi do pożarów i gdzie może on zdziałać dużo dobrego!

  • iBlockFire on the eco-businessworld website; May 2018

    We are pleased to inform you that iBlockFire is the first eco-business product selected and listed on the eco-businessworld website.http://eco-businessworld.com/innovations/

  • iBlockFire on special services equipment; April 2018

    We are pleased to inform you that our product has been introduced as an equipment of special units of the Visegrad Group.

  • Fire extinguishing spray iBlockFire at the conference; March 2018

    Fire extinguishing spray iBlockFire was presented at the conference organised by Saportia Sp. z o.o.. The main topic was fire security and fire security systems in the energy sector.

  • iBlockFIRE - Fire Extinguisher Spray; January 2018

    Increase Your awareness about risk of fire! Video made in cooperation with ZebrraTV. See video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qhuve1uixH4

  • Motorbike Rally 2017

    iBlockFire for the 20th Jubilee of Motorcyclists - Topornia 2017.


    IblockFire - fire extinguishing spray was presented in Fire Museum in Mysłowice during a lecture with senior citizens. The main topic of the meeting was fire protection in everyday situations.


    PartGroup was nominated and won the Granite Tulip Award in Product of the Year category -  iBlockFire fire extinguishing spray.


    IBlockFire was presented at the International Fair of Equipment and Equipment for Fire Brigades and Rescue Services in Kielce.We would like to thank all the visitors for visiting our booth!

  • Laurel innovation 2016

    The company PartGroup was nominated and won a Bronze Laurel Innovation for the project IBlockFIRE Extinguishing spray.

  • OFSEC - Oman Fire, Safety and Security Expo

    Product iBlockFire was presented at the Only and Most Comprehensive Exhibition on Fire, Safety and Security fairs located in Oman.

  • iBlockFIRE for World Youth Day

    IBlockFire will be a part of personal safety equipment during World Youth Day 2016 in Krakow of uniformed services.

  • Kielce Trade Fairs 06.2016

    Product iBlockFIRE presented at the XI International Exhibition Rescue, Security and Technology Fire - EDURA 2016which was held on 09 - June 11, 2016.

  • Trade WMDI in Abu Dhabi

    Product iBlockFIRE presented March 15-17 in Abu Dhabi, the fair EMDI (Emergency Response & Disaster Prevention).

  • Fair SAWO Poznan 2016

    Product iBlockFIRE presented at the International Fair of Work, Fire-Fighting and Rescue.26-28.04.2016 in Poznan

  • Trade Treviso and Verona

    Product iblockfire presented at the fair in Italy in Treviso.

  • ...


Central reusable

For use in the home, while traveling and on vacation.
Irreplaceable in situations where it counts the effectiveness and precision of action

wood, paper, rubber, other

petrol, oil, tar, polyethylene and their derivatives polietylen

propane, butane, gas fumes. Extinguish pressure> 1 bar.

vegetable oils, animal fats

equipment under voltage up to 1000V

Ecological, reusable fire-extinguishing agent for use in households, while traveling and on holiday. Irreplaceable where effectiveness and precision matter. It has an attestation issued by the National Institute of Hygiene. Recommended for fireplace and bio-fireplace extinguishing. Effective on, among others, wood, paper, textiles, oil, flammable products (e.g. petrol). It can be used for gas extinguishing (Don’t extinguish gas-fed flames in buildings. Gas flames are extinguished most effectively by cutting off the gas supply. Only when the main valve is closed, you can try extinguishing). This product is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Non-irritating to skin. Surfaces to which it has been applied are not destroyed. Instructions for use are presented in the form of pictures. Shake before use. Extinguish a distance of at least 1 m. Suitable fire Classes A, B, C, F. Range of temperatures: 0°C to 90°C ± 2°C. Suitable for electrical and electronic equipment up to 1000V – keep the distance of 1.5m. Expiry date: 3 years. Capacity 600 ml.

Extinguish only a small fire in the bud to prevent its spreading.

Approved by PZH (National Institute of Hygiene): PZH/HT-3082/15


Środek gaśniczy IBLOCK Fire


Environmentally friendly, biodegradable, does not damage the surface extinguished

Do not leave any contaminants after the fire, it is easy to remove.


environmentally friendly


easy to use


range of up to 8 m.

The difference between iBlockFire extinguisher spray and other fire extinguishing sprays

  • iBlockFire is completely devoid Fluorosurfaktantów- Butyldiglikolu and Phosphate I.
  • After the bursting of bubbles is released gel, which does not evaporate but settles on a place engulfed in flames.
  • Do not leave any contamination after use.
  • Spray extinguishing iBlockFire not spread beyond the area of the fire and is easy to remove.
  • Composition iBlockFire allows its easy distribution.
  • iBlockFire can be chemically and physiologically classified as a cosmetic product, comparable with shampoo or detergent.
  • Foam iBlockFire is less susceptible to wind.
  • It has a larger radius - śednio about 30 - 40%
  • iBlockFire is completely safe for the skin.
  • iBlockFire bottle is made of aluminum, recyclable - corrosion does not occur.


the cap

Our advantage is the original shape of the cap, which allows us to distinguish our product on the market and suggests its destination

spray head (nozzle)

Applied nozzle provides a good foaming of the product and and extands the range of ejected preparation of an average of 40% from presently known extinguishing sprays of which are currently of the market, range up to 8m.

valve / head

We used aluminium, which is corrosion resistant


The container is made of aluminum. This makes it corrosion resistant, light and handy to use, easy to recycle.


Our original label was composed so that its appearance informed about this product. The possibility of preparing labels in different languages upon request.

Product authenticity guarantee

Official sign posted on product holograms. The infiltrated hologram informs the buyer that the product originated from the original source and that it has not been used before. In order to provide yourself and your top safety at the highest level, only buy original products.


1 piece

4 pcs.

12 pcs.

144 pcs.
PALETTE (layer 1)

576 pcs.
PALETTE (4 layers)

17280 pcs.
(30 pallets)




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