Spray Gaśniczy iBlockFIRE
Spray Gaśniczy iBlockFIRE

Your extinguisher, fully biodegradable.
Already on the market!



  • It prevents the spread of fire.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Reusable product.
  • Range of up to 8 meters.

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Spray Gaśniczy iBlockFIRE

Spray Gaśniczy iBlockFIRE

Your extinguisher, fully biodegradable.
Already on the market!



  • It prevents the spread of fire.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Reusable product.
  • Range of up to 8 meters.

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Secure your home.
Secure yourself and your loved ones.

Causes and effects of fire...

...act before it's too late!!!

  • Wojda Boxing Night 3 Gala November 20, 2021

    As an iBlockFIRE company, we're taking part in sporting events. This time, we locally supported a boxing game organized by the Wojda Boxing Team. A good start and certainly not the end of such activities on the part of iBlockFIRE. Thank you for participating and we look forward to the next events.

  • iBlockFIRE Cerrad Enea Czarni Radom 8-10-2021

    We are pleased to announce that Partner Group Piotr Gertych, manufacturer of the iBlockmisfire fire spray, became the official sponsor of the retinal club Cerrad ENEA Czarni Radom in 2021/2022 We are waiting for extraordinary emotions, quiet meetings and some of the finest moves – we love sport, and PlusLigia, the highest league of the volleyball, will now be seen with an additional, personal commitment. The club is about 100 years old this weekend (October 9-10). We are proud to be able to support Cerrad ENEA of the Black Radom in such a prestigious season for the team. Over the past 100 years, the club has been a long time proud of our city, which is why we are all the more pleased that we will be able to help its further development. The next match in the Volleyball PlusLeague already on October 9 (Saturday) in the MOSiR Radom arena. We invite all fans to support and celebrate this special anniversary club.

  • The iBlockFIRE recommendation - 27.05.2021 r.

    We are pleased to inform, that iBlockFIRE - Extinguishing Spray has been in a good place and in a good time. The natural deterrent producer for animals Kunagone informed us that at the time when the fire on production broke out, our Spray met the expectations and stopped the spreading fire. You never know the time, and you never know the place. That's why you should have our Extinguishing Spray, just to be sure.

  • Arms&Security XVII International Exhibition

    Arms&Security XVII International Exhibition is a prestigious event on a global scale. They include companies that are strong in their industries and have innovative solutions in their portfolio. There was also an appearance there, and our IBlockFire product - Fire spray - 100% biodegradable thanks to the participation of Terra Hexen - Drones, Anti Drone, Neualizacja, Audits Dent! Thank you for your support and participation in this event.

  • A certificate issued by the Kiev Certification Center for Materials and Products

    In connection with activities going beyond the Polish market, we are adding another achievement to our product. Formally, the iBlockFire fire extinguishing spray has been certified by the Kiev Material and Product Certification Center. We are proud to be taking iBlockFIRE day-to-day in different markets, enabling us to complete our core project mission. We want to make people aware that it is better to prevent than to fight the threat.

  • "Show your creativity with iBlock" 04/16/2021

    Competition rules (in Polish) are available here

  • iBlockFIRE - a competitor at KSW 57

    KSW (Martial Arts Confrontation) is one of the biggest organization promoting MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fights. Warriors who take part in it are people with character and bravery in their hearts, which are as obvious and necessary as oxygen to breathe. What do battles between modern gladiators and firefighting have in common? The split seconds that can determine the outcome of a fight. Competitors have arms and legs that they use to win against their opponent. We have the iBlockFIRE Fire Extinguishing Spray, which while friendly to humans and the environment is deadly to fire. Patrik Kincl 23-9-(1) is a fighter who fought at KSW 57 with iBlockFIRE in the lead. A powerful punch and precision are the parameters that link our product to Patrik. We wish Patrik further success and many fights won.

  • iBlockFIRE supports the Visible Hand - 16.02.2021 R.

    Our cooperation with Widzialna Ręka Radom has entered a higher level. We had the opportunity to make dedicated labels of our product and give it to the whole team. What they have done so far and what they can still do is unassessable. The iBlockFIRE brand signs off on the activities of Widzialna Ręka Radom, especially since its Team also has a mission to support those in need, as well as in the fire risk sector.
    "As the sun makes ice melt, kindness causes misunderstanding, mistrust, and hostility to evaporate." - Albert Schweitzer

  • iBF for the GOCC

    We are pleased to announce that we contribute to the 29th Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. This year WOŚP will play under the slogan: "Finale with the head - for laryngology, otolaryngology and head diagnostics". With all our iBlock hearts we support the whole action and Mr Jurek Owsiak's actions "To the end of the world and one day more".We are pleased to announce that we contribute to the 29th Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. This year WOŚP will play under the slogan: "Finale with the head - for laryngology, otolaryngology and head diagnostics". With all our iBlock hearts we support the whole action and Mr Jurek Owsiak's actions "To the end of the world and one day more".You can take part in the auction under the link allegro.pl/oferta/spray-gasniczy-iblockfire-10195935539

  • 18.12.2020 - Nomination to the European Economic Award

    We would like to inform that our company has been nominated by the European Center for Economic Development for the EUROPEAN ECONOMIC AWARD, which is awarded as an honor to the best enterprises, which stands out by innovation, implementation of modern solution and activation of the regional economy thus contribiuting to the development of entrepreneurship.

  • 10.2020 - Quick Use Stopper

    Unique, secured stopper pattern, which helps to remove it from the bottle using just one hand - the quick use stopper. Oiriginal shape suggests its usage and helps the product to stand out on the market.

  • 26.08.2020 - Meritorious for Intelligent Development

    26 August 2020 Mr. Piotr Gertych, President of PartGroup, creator of the iBlockFIRE brand, after a dozen years of experience in product development, distinguished all over the world, obtained the jubilee award "Meritorious for Intelligent Development". This award is a unique, jubilee distinction which is the culmination of five years of the Polish Intelligent Development Award exist. It is a remarkable distinction for us, for which we are very grateful.

  • Safe for the skin - 25.06.2020

    We are pleased to announce that our iBlockFIRE product has received another distinction for its uniqueness! After dermatological tests on humans, we've obtained confirmation that our product is 100% safe for human skin! This is a huge step into the future for the fire industry

  • 2020.04.22 - 100% Biodegradable

    Despite the unpleasant circumstances, we still move on. We continiue also in proving, the quality of our product and the fact that it truly has the properties we claim it has. We have received the document from ICSO -  Institute of Heavy Organic Synthesis, which proves, that our product is 100% biodegradable.

  • Personality of the Year 2019

    On March 6, 2020, during the "Personality of the Year 2019" Gala, Piotr Gertych, the creator of the iBlockFIRE brand, was ranked third among nearly 20 nominated Entrepreneurs in the Business category. We are proud of such a high result appreciating the actions of our project.

  • UNIQPOL World Class Offer for iBlockFIRE!

    This award is not just statuette, but also a certificate to world class quality of our product. It's a symbol of appreciation of the effort that we put in promoting our product. A product which stands out when it comes to the high quality and at the same time it is the only one in the world fully biodegradable extinguishing device.

  • 26.02.2020 - Nomination to the Regional Economy Leader award

    We are glad to inform that our company has been nominated to nationwide economical award - REGIONAL ECONOMY LEADER in 2020 for the important contribution to socio-economic development of our region by introducing positive quantitive, qualitive and structural changes, which resulted in the emergence of new economic and intellectual values, and also changed the standard of living of the inhabitants.

  • Ministry of National Defence Recommendation

    Starting 2020, the iBlockFIRE received the recomendation of the chef of Military Fire Protection Ministry of National Defence. It is the proof that our product can be part of uniformed services equipment.

  • Nomination - 2020.01.23

    Another one, and first one this year - nomination to the Symbol of 2020 award, to the title of Symbol of Innovative Solutions. 

  • Distinctive award for iBlockFIRE in Laur Eksperta competition - 19.12.2019

    In the "Laur Eksperta" competition, there are marked out and promoted products, services and brands, which - in the opinion of the jury - properly responds to the needs of our customers, and characterizes with novelty, high quality, genuineness and innovation.

  • Intelligent Development Forum in Uniejów 28-29.11.2019

    During the Intelligent Development Forum in Uniejów - Poland, the iBlockFIRE received Polish Award of Intelligent Development in category of Innovative Technology of the Future. 

  • Zamość - 28.11.2019

    28th November PartGroup company hosted a presentation about a Fire Extinguishing Spray iBlockFIRE during Training-Coordination Briefing in terms of technical maintenance of the property, municipal economy and environmental protection in Zamość. The coordinator of the meeting was Capital Infrastructure Committee.

  • European Forum of the Highest Quality in Katowice 26.11.2019

    Precision not only in extinguishing but also in creation of our product has been appreciated by Polish Agency of Entrepreneurship Development. iBlockFIRE Extinguishing Spray was awarded with the Emblem of Highest Quality - Quality International.

  • iBlockFIRE certified by the CNBOP-PIB to the PN-EN 3-7 22/2019 Standard - 06.11.2019

    After a long process lasting several months, we are glad to announce that at the beggining of the november 2019, the iBlockFIRE was certified to the PN-EN 3-7 standard by CNBOP-PIB, which is a Central Unit certificating fire fighting devices in Poland.

  • "Innovation for Life" award for IBLOCKFIRE! - 24.10.2019

    Another great success! During the Polish Congress of Entrepreneurship, we received the main prize in the category "Innovation for Life" from the head of the European Commission for Innovation, Mr Jurgen Tiedje. It is amazing award for us, but also ennoblement for further action!

  • IBlockFire at the drone fair in Toruń - 18-19.10.2019

    We are pleased to inform you that during the most important drone tech drone event in Toruń, the IBLOCKFIRE spray was presented several times as an indispensable element of every drone operator's equipment during work

  • ISO Certificate - 02.10.2019

    We are pleased to inform you that the highest quality of our services is
    officially certified by ISO 9001: 2015. It's huge 
    honor for us that accuracy and attention to detail in our daily work
    has been confirmed and appreciated in this way.

  • Nomination - July 2019

    PartGroup company has been nominated to Polish nationwide economic award - Ambasador Innowacyjności in the year 2019.

  • Nomination - July 2019

    We are pleased to inform, that PartGroup company has been nominated to "Najwyższa Jakość Quality International 2019" award.

  • ReMaTec Holandia 23-25/06/2019

    Trade fair in Netherland was the last of June's fairs. We've received huge attention in the world. We've aquired new distributors and we are open to new buisness relationship. We warmly welcome you to partnership with our company.

  • Automechanika Dubai 10-12/06/2019

    During the automotive fair in Dubai, iBlockFIRE has been very popular among the visitors. We are proud that our product is improving the safety in the world.

  • Automechanika Birmingham 4-6/06/2019

    Our team has been presenting the iBlockFIRE to the world, during this year's automotive trade fair in Birmingham. It has been the first out of three fairs in June.

  • Nomination - 28/03/2019

    We are pleased to inform that PartGroup company received a nomination in category "Innovative solutions of the future" granted by Centrum Inteligentnego Rozwoju.

  • Kielce; 10.04.2019

    Lecture of iBlockFIRE during the Task Assignment and Training Briefing of the Head of Technical Services of the Inspectorate of Armed Forces.

  • 01.02.2019

    We are pleased to inform that iBlockFire received a nomination for the 2019 Polish Innovation Award in the category: Innovation for Life. This is a step forward in achieving our mission.

  • Lecture in the Fire Brigade Unit in Grudziądz

    On 12th of December we held a lecture with presentation of iBLOCKFIRE fire extinguishing spray performance in the Military Unit of the Fire Brigade in the Group near Grudziądz. The performance of the product exceeded all expectations.

  • WARM UP SESSION 2018 LWÓW 04-10.

    This is another direction of iBlockFIRE’s distribution. We would like to thank the Organisers and Distributors for exceptional organisation of the lecture and the conference itself.

  • Participation in MSPO Fair in Kielce

    On 04-07/09/2018 we took part in a trade fair. This event edition was very important because of 100th anniversary of independence reclamation in 1918. Visitors were intrigued by iBlockFire. Thank you all for coming to our stand!

  • New ambassador of iBlockFIRE brand; July 2018

    iBlockFIRE has a new ambassador – Marek Dworzecki – an instructor of driving and improving driving skills with over 45 000 of driving hours, teacher, author of multimedia presentations concerning driving techniques, passionate about psychology of transport, mentor, member of the Polish Association of Driving School Instructors. We are very pleased that our product is promoted in the sector, where many fires happen and where it can be really helpful!

  • iBlockFire on special services equipment; April 2018

    We are pleased to inform you that our product has been introduced as an equipment of special units of the Visegrad Group.

  • Fire extinguishing spray iBlockFire at the conference; March 2018

    Fire extinguishing spray iBlockFire was presented at the conference organised by Saportia Sp. z o.o.. The main topic was fire security and fire security systems in the energy sector.

  • iBlockFIRE - Fire Extinguisher Spray; January 2018

    Increase Your awareness about risk of fire! Video made in cooperation with ZebrraTV. See video:

  • Motorbike Rally 2017

    iBlockFire for the 20th Jubilee of Motorcyclists - Topornia 2017.


    IblockFire - fire extinguishing spray was presented in Fire Museum in Mysłowice during a lecture with senior citizens. The main topic of the meeting was fire protection in everyday situations.


    PartGroup was nominated and won the Granite Tulip Award in Product of the Year category -  iBlockFire fire extinguishing spray.


    IBlockFire was presented at the International Fair of Equipment and Equipment for Fire Brigades and Rescue Services in Kielce.
    We would like to thank all the visitors for visiting our booth!

  • Laurel innovation 2016

    The company PartGroup was nominated and won a Bronze Laurel Innovation for the project IBlockFIRE Extinguishing spray.

  • OFSEC - Oman Fire, Safety and Security Expo

    Product iBlockFire was presented at the Only and Most Comprehensive Exhibition on Fire, Safety and Security fairs located in Oman.

  • iBlockFIRE for World Youth Day

    IBlockFire will be a part of personal safety equipment during World Youth Day 2016 in Krakow of uniformed services.

  • Kielce Trade Fairs 06.2016

    Product iBlockFIRE presented at the XI International Exhibition Rescue, Security and Technology Fire - EDURA 2016
    which was held on 09 - June 11, 2016.

  • Trade WMDI in Abu Dhabi

    Product iBlockFIRE presented March 15-17 in Abu Dhabi, the fair EMDI (Emergency Response & Disaster Prevention).

  • Trade Treviso and Verona

    Product iblockfire presented at the fair in Italy in Treviso.

  • ...


Central reusable

For use at home, on a travel and vacation.
Irreplaceable when the effectiveness, precision and speed is of the essence.

Wood, paper, rubber and others.

Acetone, petrol, oil, tar, polyethylene and their derivatives.

Propane, propane butane, gas vapours. Use to pressure 1 bar.

Vegetable oils, animal fats. Apply from a distance of a min. of 2m.

Electrical and electronic equipment up to 1000V. Apply from a distance of a min. of 1m.

Ecological, reusable fire-extinguishing agent for use in households, while traveling and on holiday. Irreplaceable where effectiveness and precision matter. It has an attestation issued by the National Institute of Hygiene. Recommended for fireplace and bio-fireplace extinguishing. Effective on, among others, wood, paper, textiles, oil, flammable products (e.g. petrol). It can be used for gas extinguishing (Don’t extinguish gas-fed flames in buildings. Gas flames are extinguished most effectively by cutting off the gas supply. You can try extinguishing, only when the main valve is closed). This product is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Non-irritating to skin. Surfaces to which it has been applied are not destroyed. Instructions for use are presented in the form of pictures. Shake before use. Extinguish a distance of at least 1 m. Suitable fire Classes A, B, C, F. Range of temperatures: 0°C to 80°C ± 2°C. Suitable for electrical and electronic equipment up to 1000V – keep the distance of 1m. Expiry date: 3 years. Capacity 600 ml.

Extinguish only a small fire in the bud to prevent its spreading.

Approved by PZH
(National Institute of Hygiene):

logo pzh





Spray Gaśniczy iBlockFIRE


Environmentally friendly, biodegradable, does not damage the extinguishing surface

Does not leave any marks after extinguishing, is easy to remove.

fully biodegradable

environmentally friendly


easy to use

friendly for skin

range of up to 8 m.

doesn't damage extinguished surfaces

up to 80℃/176℉ (CNBOP)

does not conduct electricity

The difference between iBlockFire extinguisher spray and other fire extinguishing sprays

  • iBlockFire is totally lacking in Fluorosuractant Butyl Diglycol and Phosphate.
  • After alveolus bursting, the released gel does not evaporate but sticks to the fire-covered surface.
  • Does not leave any marks after use.
  • The extinguishing spray does not spread beyond the fire-covered area and is easy to remove.
  • The iBlockFire content can be fully decomposed in the environment.
  • Foam iBlockFire is less vulnerable to the wind, and also sticks to flat and vertical surfaces.
  • It has a larger radius - average up to 40%
  • iBlockFire is completely safe for the skin.
  • iBlockFire bottle is made of recyclable aluminum - corrosion does not occur.


the cap

Unique, secured stopper pattern, which helps to remove it from the bottle using just one hand - the quick use stopper. Oiriginal shape suggests its usage and helps the product to stand out on the market.

spray head (nozzle)

The nozzle mounted on a bottle helps the content to foam properly and increases the range of throwing the substance averagely up to 40% unlike the other products on the market. The range of iBlockFire is up to 8m.

valve / head

The valve is made of a corrosion resistant material - aluminium.


The container is made of aluminium, which makes it resistant to a corrosion. Light, handy and recyclable.


Our original label is designed to show important informations about the goal of a product. Labels in other languages can be created if needed.

product authenticity guarantee

Official symbol is located on a holografic sticker label. A label which is a seal, is there to assure a purchaser, that product comes from the factory and have never been used before. To make sure you and your relatives are well protected always buy original products.

description of product validity

On the bottom of the aluminum bottle is the date with year of production, quarter and serial number


1 piece

1 piece
(Retail box)

12 pcs.

144 pcs.
PALETTE (layer 1)

576 pcs.
PALETTE (4 layers)

17280 pcs.
(30 pallets)






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Research from the Institute of Heavy Organic Synthesis confirming 100% biodegradable
Nomination to REGIONAL ECONOMY LEADER award in 2020
Nomination to EUROPEAN ECONOMIC AWARD by the European Center for Economic Development
A certificate issued by the Kiev Certification Center for Materials and Products
UNIQPOL World Class Offer
Polish Award of Intelligent Development
Declaration on test effectiveness - Slovakia
Declaration on the effectiveness of testing the Visegrad Group "W4" - Olomouc, Czech Republic
Certificate of the Chapter of the 21st Edition of the "Granite Tulip 2017" Business Gala
Manufacturer's declaration regarding the origin of the components and the product (CE)
Expert Laurel Certificate
Nomination for the Symbol 2020 award - the title of Symbol of Innovative Solutions
Emblem of Quality International Award 2019
Certificate of the Polish Innovation Award 2019
ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
73/5000 Nomination for the national economic award - AMBASSADOR OF INNOVATION
Laurel of Innovation 2016 Statuette S. Staszic - "Chief Technical Organization"
Accreditation Certificate of the Institute of Power Engineering
CNBOP technical opinion - Study of the effectiveness of the "F" Class
Opinion of the Institute of Power Engineering
Technical examination of the Institute of Hygiene of the Ruhr region
Technical Opinion of the Institute of Sustainable Technologies - Łukasiewicz Institute
Opinion of the MPA Dresden
PZH certificate of the National Institute of Public Health
Opinion of the Institute of Hygiene of the Ruhr region
MPA Dresden test report
Certificate of compliance CNBOP - PiB (PN-EN 3-7)
Soil Test by the Institute of Hygiene of the Ruhr region
Gwarancja Oryginalności Produktu Higiena Instytut PZH ISO Rzetelna Firma MPA Dresden CNBOP ITEE Laur Innowacyjności Granitowy Tulipan

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